Kitch - Attorneys & Counselors
The Kitch firm has grown and developed through superior legal work, intense client focus, and efficient and ethical business practices.  Attorneys who are successful in the firm appreciate the entrepreneurial spirit of the firm, where new opportunities for growth are encouraged.  Yet they also value the sense of teamwork, the intense firm commitment to development of attorney skills through formal and informal education opportunities,  the significant support that is available from the other attorneys within the firm, and the importance of a self-starter work ethic to the effective practice of law.

For those attorneys interested in practicing law in a collaborative environment with a deep commitment to the clients they serve, the Kitch firm is an exceptional place.

Richard Suhrheinrich, Principal

"I didn't set out to work at the firm my father helped to found.  However, my personal experience working with and for other firms over the years has reinforced my belief that the Kitch firm really is one of the best firms around."
Angela Harris
Manager of Human Resources/Legal Support
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One Woodward Avenue
Suite 2400
Detroit, MI 48226-5485