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The Kitch firm offers the knowledge and expertise to address the ever-changing and often complex defense of workers' disability compensation claims for its clients that do business in Michigan. The firm protects each client's interests with an integrated approach, which includes intense litigation readiness, education and a depth of attorney experience and knowledge.

The firm prepares the defense of all workers' cases, focusing on what it will take to maximize the client's ultimate success in trial.  The Kitch firm attorneys collectively have over 72 years of experience in trying workers compensation claims and have tried over 200 cases in the last 30 years. 

The decision to try or settle a claim is always the sole prerogative of the client.  Nevertheless, the plaintiffs' bar recognizes the Kitch firm as one that is always ready and willing to try cases, which helps to deter marginal cases.  In addition, with the Kitch attorneys' reputation for being litigators who undergo thoughtful case preparation, it makes any resolution short of full trial a more realistic alternative--when the client chooses to take that route.

To support its "litigation-first" profile, the firm developed an extensive roster of experts in the medical, vocational and investigative fields in order to provide the best defense possible.  We make it our business to know our client's business by conducting site inspections and by meeting and interviewing potential witnesses to fully assess and evaluate potential liability. 

The firm recognizes that the effectiveness of its attorneys is further enhanced by informed clients who are able to aid in the defense of their claims.  That is why the firm strives to keep its clients informed of all relevant changes in the law, the propensities of judges, and changes in practice and procedures.

The Kitch firm's workers' compensation practice extends to:

  • Litigated Claims.   We will defend or prosecute applications for mediation or hearing, applications for determination of rights, applications for vocational rehabilitation and Rule V hearings in Michigan.
  • Protection of third party lien rights pursuant to Section 827 of Michigan's Workers' Disability Act.   We will assert and monitor our client's statutory liens in pending third-party actions arising out of work-related injuries.
  • No-Fault Automobile Liens.   We will intervene and protect the lien rights of no-fault automobile carriers in pending contested workers' disability compensation cases where first-party benefits have been paid pursuant to the no-fault automobile statute.
  • Non-litigated Claims.   We will consult on complex voluntary payment claims or claims being paid pursuant to order of the Michigan Workers' Compensation Agency to assist in developing a claims-handling strategy designed to return the claimant to work or negotiate a favorable settlement.
  • Appeals.  In coordination with the firm's appellate practice area, we have the capability to handle workers' compensation appeals to the Workers' Compensation Appellate Commission, Michigan Court of Appeals and Michigan Supreme Court. 


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