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Title Insurance and Litigation


The Kitch firm's expertise in real estate and insurance makes it uniquely qualified to handle complex title litigation and escrow claims.  We routinely represent those insured by the nation's top title insurance underwriters and title agencies and pride ourselves on offering the most cost-effective and smart legal representation available.  The Kitch firm understands the intricacies of title issues and continually works to stay abreast of the current legal challenges facing the industry. 

The recent increase in mortgage fraud throughout the nation, and particularly in the state of Michigan, requires a firm like the Kitch firm--one that has a complete understanding of how fraud schemes such as "mortgage flipping" are perpetrated and the legal issues that arise from them.  Moreover, the discovery of chain of title defects following a closing requires a firm, also like ours, that possesses the knowledge and experience of representing all sides of a real estate transaction, be it underwriter, agent, lender or owner. 

The firm's practice includes:
- Title Claims
- Escrow Claims
- Quiet Title Actions
- Title Claim Investigation and Counseling
- Mortgage Fraud Litigation
- Mortgage Flipping Litigation
- Agent Errors and Omissions
- Mortgage Payoff Error Recovery
- Lien Priority
- Easements
- Restrictive Covenants
- Deed Restrictions
- Boundary Disputes.

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