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Today’s world is ever evolving and technology is set to continue to advance at exponential rates.  The Kitch firm maintains a diverse technology practice with its finger on the pulse of technological advances.  The firm’s technology practice specifically includes the areas of electronic discovery, computer contracts, intellectual property, telecommunications and cable, and energy. 

Electronic communication is used as a primary form of communication and includes e-mail, texts, chats and communication via other applications.  Electronic discovery or eDiscovery affects but all types of legal matters from commercial litigation and employment law to real estate, medical malpractice and patent litigation.  Effective data retention policies can reduce client costs during litigation, avoid sanctions, reduce client headaches and help to maintain a normal work environment while litigation is pending. 

The Kitch firm’s intellectual property practice assists its clients in the protection of its methods, goods,  brand and trade secrets while building an effective intellectual property portfolio.  Once intellectual property assets are effectively developed and protected, these same assets are often licensed or sold in order to generate another revenue stream for the client.  The negotiation of a client beneficial licensing agreement, whether for the intellectual property asset or as part of a software or hardware license agreement in Kitch’s computer contracts practice, can set firm licensing expectations, detect and assess potential risk and avoid future litigation.  

The Kitch firm also prides itself in its representation of nonprofits, municipalities and residential consumers in regulatory proceedings before the Michigan Public Service Commission and various courts in the State of Michigan regarding energy audits, LED upgrades and rates, and maintenance agreements.  The firm’s energy practice is also closely related to the firm’s telecommunications and cable practice where the firm is extensively involved in not only telecommunications and cable related legislation at the State and Federal level, but also engaged in the representation of municipalities in regulatory matters.

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