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Medicare and/or Medicaid certified nursing facilities face unique pressures from federal and state regulators, federal and state law enforcement, and plaintiff attorneys.   Our post-acute care attorneys have a specialized understanding of the complex and dynamic relationships between these forces and know they impact each other, enabling our firm the ability to provide the most comprehensive legal services as possible. 

Nursing facilities operate twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.  Our attorneys understand that response time can be crucial.  This includes responding to sentinel events, survey concerns, local, state and federal law enforcement investigations, and any other emergent situation.

Our post-acute care attorneys have experience in managing the survey process -- from assisting with plans of correction to successfully appealing survey findings through the IDR process as well as through State and Federal Administrative appeals.   Our aggressive advocacy for our clients has resulted in creative and successful resolutions to licensure and certification issues through informal processes as well. 

On a practical level, our attorneys have drafted policies and procedures, organized corporate compliance programs, written contracts for employees, vendors and independent contractors.  We have written admission agreements and handled involuntary discharges.  We have handled complaint hearings, Medicare appeals, and licensing hearings.  Our attorneys understand that these issues cannot be dealt with in a vacuum, but instead must be handled with an appreciation of the influence of the variety of factors that effect post-acute care providers.

Advocacy for our clients extends far beyond the courtroom.  Our post-acute care attorneys keep current on the continuously evolving issues for nursing facilities and stay active in provider organizations.  We work at providing education and keeping our clients informed of the latest information and trends.  We have worked with the provider organizations and directly with the state agencies to advocate for policies and guidance that best serves our clients.

Most importantly, we understand the specialized needs of nursing facilities and are able to work within the individualized framework of each client’s business.  We have the capability and experience to handle any issue from obtaining a Certificate of Need through any licensing or certification issues as we believe that full service is essential in handling the needs of our clients.

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