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Real Estate Litigation

Utilizing a strong relationship with supporting professionals, including architects, engineers, contractors, sub-contractors, environmental consultants, and valuation and appraisal experts, the Kitch firm attorneys provide skillful represenation in all types of real estate disputes.  Our "aggressive but reasonable" reputation contributes to favorable results, as well as prompt and positive negotiated settlements for our clients.

Before recommending a course of action to a client, we carefully assess each case to determine the potential costs and benefits of litigation as well as an analysis of proceeding with alternative dispute resolution.  We always base our recommendations on sound business principals while considering the net benefit to our client.

Our firm provides a full range of real estate litigation and alternative dispute resolution services to commercial and individual clients. We represent developers, title companies, real estate agencies, owners, holding companies, property managers, tenants, financial institutions and investors in all types of disputes, including those arising from:

  • Brokerage commissions
  • Foreclosures
  • Land Contract Forfeitures
  • Leases
  • Eminent Domain/Condemnation
  • Property Management
  • Adverse possession/Acquiescence
  • Boundary Disputes
  • Easements
  • Rights of Way
  • Subdivision and Homeowner Associations
  • Restrictive Covenants
  • Chain of Title
  • Oil/Gas/Mineral Rights
  • Slander of Title
  • Water Access/Riparian Rights
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