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Premises Liability


"Premises liability" was once a synonym of "slip and fall."  However, with tort reform laws restricting many other types of claims and attorneys seeking new targets for suit, it has come to mean much more than that.  Today, premises claims often encompass allegations of hazardous or defective conditions such as malfunctioning doors, inadequate lighting, broken steps, criminal acts of third parties, and defective water supplies.  Likewise, claims of malicious prosecution, false imprisonment, excessive use of force, and violations of civil rights have become a much greater concern for landowners.  Kitch firm attorneys are in the forefront of anticipating developments in alternative claims and finding ways to effectively defend them. 

We are often involved in assisting risk managers in the pre-suit investigation from the moment a claim is reported.  Suits are aggressively defended so that all defenses are explored and preserved, and dispositive motions are pursued on a timely basis.  The firm has positive relationships with, and routinely retains. nationally-recognized experts, including individuals with Ph.D.s in meteorology, who can pinpoint snow, ice and other weather conditions, and security specialists who can bring reality back to the assessment of what security is feasible, to help assure these claims can be maximally defended.