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Antitrust/Unfair Competition


Aggressive and robust competition is the hallmark of the United States economy.  However, there are occasions where actions by competitors in the marketplace do in fact harm the competitive process.  The Kitch firm has the capability to evaluate whether a company has approached or crossed the line from aggressive competition to abusive practices.  We have successfully represented both defendants and plaintiffs in actions alleging predatory pricing and price fixing, conspiracy and refusals to deal, along with interference in contractual and business relationships and other forms of actions involving competitive issues.

Much like the businesses that we represent, we develop a plan for evaluating and implementing the competitive strategy and actions.  The budget is an integral part of the plan, and we provide realistic and achievable benchmarks for assessing the progress of the case and the performance compared with the budget.  One key component of maintaining the budget is our familiarity with available technology for document and discovery management.  We also involve the client at all points in the case to enhance the client's understanding of the legal and factual issues--with the goal of achieving a successful resolution of the matter.