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Healthcare Transactions


Ever since we put together one of the nation's largest healthcare systems over thirty years ago, the Kitch firm has been committed to assisting healthcare providers in their business and practice transactions--large and small.  Using our thorough knowledge of litigation and its risks, plus liability factors and regulatory requirements, the firm helps its clients put together litigation strategies and documents that meet the immediate needs for the transaction at hand and minimize the future exposures associated with scrutiny and challenge by potential adverse parties and regulators.

There are three keys to our success as transactional counsel:

  1. We keep the lawyers out of the way as much as possible.  In this respect, our clients benefit from a practical "can do" approach which puts their transaction goals first.  Where liability or regulatory concerns may appear to block the original transaction path, we work intensely with clients to find alternatives that meet their principal goals but also meet legal requirements.  Because of our goal orientation and creativity, rarely do we have a circumstance where we must tell a client that they cannot achieve their legitimate goal.
  2. We are always responsive and avoid the lawyers' work being the time determinative step in the completion of a transaction.  We know nothing is more irritating to clients than having a well thought out transaction stall because the lawyers do not get the paperwork done.   While we cannot control the timing of our legal brethren on the other side of a transaction, we make it our goal and practice to get things done on time and in tune to the clients' needs so neither our clients nor our attorneys are responsible for transaction delays.
  3. Despite our sense of urgency and aim to please, we do not compromise our ethics.  Clients know they can trust us--and if anything is in the gray zone, it will be addressed with them so a prudent legal and business judgment can be made.

Among the many types of transactions we regularly handle are the following:

Contract Drafting - Including Regulatory Analysis

  • Joint ventures
  • Vendor agreements
  • Physician contracts, including medical director, employment, staffing, consulting contracts
  • Physician practice acquisitions and divestitures
  • Physician recruitment arrangements
  • Leases
  • Major financings (bonds, bank loans)
  • Business real estate transactions

Corporate Matters - Including Regulatory Analysis

  • Development of articles, bylaws and operating agreements
  • Development of policies
  • Mergers and acquisition planning
  • Affiliation structuring
  • Corporate and limited liability company formation, organization and restructuring
  • Conversion from for-profit to nonprofit status

Joint Venture Development - Including Regulatory Analysis

  • Physician-hospital joint ventures, including ambulatory surgery centers, imaging centers, and medical office buildings
  • Hospital-hospital joint ventures, including radiation oncology centers, specialty clinics