Kitch - Attorneys & Counselors
Healthcare Fraud Enforcement


Over the last decade, the government has increased significantly its efforts to eliminate healthcare fraud.  While the Kitch firm shares the government's desire, it also recognizes that these efforts can place a significant burden on innocent providers.  We have developed a practice to assist providers in complying with the evermore complicated regulatory world (see Compliance).  We also provide many services that focus on preventive measures.  At the same time, the firm is exceptionally capable of defending providers, both civilly and criminally, if ever they are charged with fraud. 
The firm's extensive knowledge and understanding of the healthcare industry, combined with an exceptional litigation team and experienced criminal defense attorneys, makes Kitch uniquely qualified to defend such actions.  Our experience includes: 

  • providing counseling to providers during governmental investigations
  • reviewing contracts for joint ventures, partnerships, mergers, and business structures to avoid issues of fraud
  • providing counseling during third party audits
  • defending providers in criminal and licensing litigation.