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Defamation/Business Torts


Defamation can occur to persons and businesses under various titles such as disparagement, libel or slander.  Each of those theories need to be taken seriously because a finding of liability can also support an individual's claim for intentional or negligent infliction of emotional distress and other claims that can increase the potential exposure.  For a business, the results of such disparagement can be devastating.  However, to be actionable the statements or representations must be false.  The determination of the truth of the statement requires not only a detailed factual investigation but a thorough knowledge of the applicable law, including the constitutional protections.
We have represented corporations and individuals who have been the subject of false and injurious reports relating to involvement in government investigations as well as assertions of lack of due diligence in a business transaction.  We have also defended individuals and corporations against allegations of both defamation and disparagement regarding product quality and business ethics.