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Labor Relations


One of the most difficult issues for employers today is dealing with current and prospective labor organizations.  The firm works closely with its clients in addressing these often-delicate issues, with a practical yet thoughtful approach.

Although the firm is committed to representing management in labor relations, the firm does not have the reputation of being a union-busting firm.  The firm believes a reputation as a "union buster" would be counterproductive to its clients' interests and puts emphasis on the wrong issues.

Rather, based upon experience, the firm encourages the use of preventive labor relations by providing supervisory training, policy and handbook development and guiding clients regarding positive communications with employees as the best means to avoid or win National Labor Relations Board elections.  When collective bargaining is necessary, the firm's philosophy is to engage in firm but collaborative bargaining.

The firm labor relations services include:
Union elections:   Supports management presentation of its case to the work force effectively in compliance with NLRB and state limitations; monitors and advises on union compliance with NLRB requirements.
Unfair labor practice:  Serve as counsel for clients who are under investigation for or charged with an unfair labor practice. 
Collective bargaining:  Assist clients in the collective bargaining negotiation process, including the development of bargaining strategies and contract language.

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