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Success in employment litigation takes a thorough knowledge of the litigation process, attention to detail in preparation and trial, and recognition that natural prejudices favoring the "little guy" can best be overcome by a logical and effective showing that the employer is acting fairly.

As for knowledge of the litigation process, the Kitch firm's experience encompasses the successful defense of hundreds of employment discharge, discrimination, sexual harassment, and related claims in state court and federal courts.  While always keeping the expense concern of the client in mind, the firm works intensely with employers and witnesses to put together the factual information necessary to build a solid case. 

Using this knowledge base, the firm devises a discovery and trial strategy with the client that is consistent with human resources philosophy. We understand only too well that a "win" at trial is not a success if it adversely affects employee morale.  Therefore, we recognize that the client's goal may not only be to win over the judge and jury, but the colleagues of the employee litigant as well--and that this can affect what and how evidence is presented at trial or hearing.

We place great emphasis on making sure that we communicate in a way that judge and jury will understand. Our presentation at trial makes use of modern technology and techniques that aid in breaking down the complicated information into terms non-technical people will appreciate.   We also make every effort to explain the philosophy of the employer and the reasoning behind the action at issue because we recognize that a clear understanding of the fairness of the employer's position is often essential to overcoming emotional factors.

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