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Catastrophic Damage Control


Regardless of the kind of catastrophic damages--the personal injury case with permanent impairments, the divorce case with a massive family estate in dispute, or the antitrust case where a once-successful company was driven out of business--there are typically two versions of what damages are appropriate.  One is the exaggerated high allegation; the other is the astonishingly “low ball” response.  The winning truth is in the actual damages that can be proven.

When things go wrong, knowledge of actual damages is essential to realistic decision- making.  When our clients face the catastrophic case, the Kitch firm quarterbacks the efforts of national authorities on damages--who may, depending on the case, be a combination of accountants, financial analysts, actuaries, economists, healthcare professionals, insurance specialists, life care planners, estimators, appraisers, investment advisors or annuitists, to find and effectively present that winning truth.

In addition, Kitch maintains substantial databases on expert cross examination templates, medical literature and legal impeachment materials.  Combined with our knowledge and litigation skill, these are all essential tools we use to invalidate the creative economics of road show experts often brought into these kinds of cases.