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Pharmacy Malpractice


Once rare, actions alleging pharmacy negligence are now increasing in frequency.  An industry change from local druggists to major chains, an emphasis on patient safety, and the increased publicity related to medication errors have combined with a consumerist attitude to bring about these changes.

Drawing from its experience in medical malpractice and its understanding of human behavior and sophisticated medical issues, including drug actions and interactions, the Kitch firm is uniquely qualified to defend these complex lawsuits, both from a legal and scientific perspective.  Experience gained in medical malpractice defense, along with access to the nation's leading medical and pharmacy experts as consultants and expert witnesses, gives Kitch firm attorneys the ability to effectively defend, not only against the allegations of negligence, but causation and damages as well. 

We represent clients in numerous jurisdictions throughout Michigan and Ohio in the state and federal court systems.  Our pharmacy clients range from large national chains to local pharmacies and pharmacies affiliated with local hospitals.  Our attorneys are qualified in defending all pharmacy negligence allegations including, but not limited to:

  • Prescription errors in labeling or contents
  • Identification of potential interactions between two or more medications
  • Sufficiency of pharmacist counseling of patients on new medications
  • Wrongful detention, false imprisonment and malicious prosecution on the part of the pharmacy.
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