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Since the abolition of the ICC in 1995, and empowerment of the Department of Transportation, neither operations nor litigation defense have gotten any easier for commercial trucking operators or their insurers.  Plaintiff attorneys have targeted commercial carriers and, with federally mandated minimum coverages as their incentive, used Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations as their tools for litigation.  The specialized nature of these claims, and the high exposures created, require litigation defense counsel that are well versed in the arena.  With extensive medical and technical litigation experience, as well as interstate "crossroads" offices in Detroit and Toledo, we are both professionally and geographically positioned to respond to that need.
Kitch firm attorneys have represented a variety of commercial carriers in both major personal injury and property damage litigation in both state and federal courts, working directly for fleet owners, as well as through commercial insurers and third-party administrators.  Whether involving the impact of new Hours of Service regulations, or changing Transportation Safety Administration requirements, we work hard to keep current on the continuously evolving trends, laws and regulations that affect carrier operations and litigation exposures.  Increasing focus through long term involvement with the Trucking Industry Defense Association and other industry groups, the firm has created response groupings, including accident scene investigators and criminal defense counsel, so that insurers, carriers and their drivers can get information and advice when needed, where needed.

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