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Ohio Attorney Ethics Defense


The firm both advises and defends Ohio attorneys who may be investigated or formally charged with ethical violations.  Investigations are typically undertaken when a grievance is filed against the attorney.  Investigations or charges can be initiated by either the Office of Disciplinary Counsel or a Certified Grievance Committee of a local Bar Association.  

Once formal ethics charges are brought against an attorney by way of a complaint, proceedings are unique and may involve interviews, interrogations, evidentiary hearing, briefings, and oral argument at multiple levels up to and including the Ohio Supreme Court.  Ultimately, a gamut of sanctions may be imposed against the attorney, ranging from a public reprimand to permanent disbarment.

Because proceedings relating to ethical violations are unique, complex, and have potentially significant consequences, having a skilled and experienced lawyer in this area of law is critical to advise and, if necessary, defend against such claims.  The Kitch firm is able to provide the high level of skilled and experienced representation necessary in answering ethical challenges on behalf of Ohio attorneys.

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