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Corporate Compliance Seminar

July, 2016

John Hessburg, Kally Goodwin-Ratzloff

Kitch Post-Acute Care practice attorneys John Hessburg, Margaret Chamberlain and Kally Goodwin Ratzloff held their complimentary Corporate Compliance Seminar Tuesday, July 25, 2016 for firm clients and friends. The seminar was held at One Woodward Avenue, 19th Floor, Detroit, Michigan.  Lunch was provided. 

The following topics were addressed:

    *    Compliance Program Basics
    *    Moderated Panel Discussion on False Claims/Qui Tam claims
    *    Quality-of-Care Compliance
    *    Billing Compliance
    *    Employee/Employment Compliance
    *    Immigration Law Compliance

For more details, please access the seminar announcement/invitation link:Corporate Compliance Seminar.pdf