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Cheryl Cardelli and Terence Durkin Win Defense Verdict in Wayne County Circuit Court

May, 2015

Cheryl Cardelli, Terence Durkin, Beth Wittmann, Dean Etsios

On May 20, 2015, after a two week trial, Cheryl Cardelli and Terence Durkin received a unanimous defense verdict in Wayne County Circuit Court, before the Honorable Annette Berry. Plaintiff's decedent underwent a four level anterior cervical disc fusion, suffered an arrest on post op day two, and subsequently died. It was alleged that the cause of the arrest was an upper airway collapse due to hematoma and swelling, and that our client, the orthopedic spine surgeon and codefendants, two residents, failed to adequately monitor the decedent. The codefendants settled after six days of trial. Dean Etsios worked up the case and Beth Wittmann and Matthew Brooks provided support. The plaintiff's counsel were Robert Giroux and Michael Ratton, contracted by Geoffrey Fieger to try the case, with James McCullen for the Fieger firm.