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Patrick Cavanaugh Provides Testimony in Support of Ohio House Bill 276

December, 2014

Patrick Cavanaugh

On December 4, 2014, Patrick Cavanaugh appeared before the Ohio Senate Civil Justice Committee to provide testimony in support of Ohio House Bill 276 – the “apology statute”.  One aspect of the bill would expand the types of statements held to be inadmissible made between a health care worker and the patient or patient’s family after an unanticipated outcome.   Mr. Cavanaugh spoke on behalf of the Society of Healthcare Attorneys (SOHA) who support the bill.  He testified that expanding the apology statute would strengthen the patient-clinician relationship and better enable that relationship to continue after an unforeseen event.  Sometimes lawsuits are brought by a patient or patient’s family to simply try to find out what happened, why there was a bad outcome.  Cavanaugh also said H.B. 276 seems likely to reduce some claims that are ultimately dismissed or abandoned without an indemnity payment.