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The Kitch firm has attorneys with the experience and vision to understand the unique needs of post-acute care providers.  Our attorneys have developed a deeper insight into the complex and often dynamic relationships between the state and federal regulatory processes, civil litigation and the criminal implications of providing post-acute care services.  We work diligently to keep current on the continuously evolving laws and regulations, trends, and practices affecting post-acute care providers on both the local and national levels, which is consistent with our proactive approach to emergent issues.  We stay active in provider organizations and are consistently willing to provide education in response to the needs of the broad spectrum of post-acute care communities.  We strive to understand the individuality of the business of each client in order to provide a more personalized approach.  We also understand that post-acute care issues don’t always happen during normal business hours; accordingly, our attorneys are available 24/7.

Our clients and practice areas include skilled nursing facilities, homes for the aged, adult foster care, unlicensed and assisted living communities, senior housing, HUD housing, hospice, home health agencies, continuing care retirement communities and professional liability.  Our attorneys are proficient in handling the diverse legal needs for all of our post-acute care clients including but not limited to:

Licensure and Certification.  Regulatory Compliance Concerns, Licensure, Annual, Complaint, and Extended Surveys, Plans of Correction, Informal Deficiency Resolution (IDR)
Enforcement. License Revocations, Medicare and Medicaid Terminations, Civil Money Penalties, Denial of Payment
Appeals. State and Federal Appeals of Enforcement Actions
Criminal Actions. AG, OIG, FBI, Fraud and Abuse, Vulnerable Adult Abuse, Negligence, Homicide, Self-Referral, Search Warrants, Subpoenas, Record Requests
Contracts and Agreements.  Admission Agreements, Vendor Contracts, Leases, Housing with Services Agreements, Medical Director and Employment Contracts
Accreditation. JCAHO, CHAP, Deemed Status, Denials, Terminations
Patient Care Issues.  Involuntary Discharges, End-of-Life Concerns, Consent Issues, Specialized Care Needs, Discharge Planning, Guardianships
Professional Liability.  Risk Management, Sentinel Events, Litigation

Certificate of Need
Third Party Payment
Medicare and Medicaid Disputes
PRRB Appeals
Non-Payment Disputes
Corporate Compliance
Policies and Procedures

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