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Post-Acute Care Litigation


Post-acute care is one of the fastest growing areas of medical malpractice litigation.  Plaintiff's attorneys are targeting post-acute care facilities as attractive targets for malpractice claims because of the lack of experience of many of the defense attorneys in post-acute care litigation as well as the extensive regulation of nursing homes by the State and Federal governments.  As a result, the number of complaints filed against post-acute care facilities is skyrocketing.  The Kitch firm offers experienced, committed, and aggressive defense litigation attorneys who devote their entire practice to handling any and all litigation-related issues for healthcare providers that may arise in the post-acute care field.  Not only do the attorneys possess the necessary experience to tackle all litigation issues, but Kitch works with the most qualified experts in geriatric medicine to fight for the post-acute care community against the most aggressive plaintiff's attorneys.

Post-acute care litigation is a complicated and oftentimes confusing area of medical malpractice due to the complexity of the medical records and the regulation of post-acute care facilities.  Post-acute care providers want the most knowledgeable and experienced attorneys in the post-acute care field to represent them.  Kitch attorneys' knowledge in the post-acute care field is unmatched by any firm.  We have a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of all issues surrounding nursing homes and post-acute care settings.  This extensive knowledge encompasses the nuances of geriatric and post-acute care medicine, the inner workings of post-acute care facilities, and the complex medical records. 

Not only do our post-acute care litigation attorneys use their knowledge and experience in the defense of medical malpractice cases, but they can utilize the strength and depth of the other attorneys within the post-acute care practice.  Specifically, our post-acute care regulatory attorneys' extensive and unmatched experience with the State of Michigan and its investigations assist in the handling of claims when they reach the litigation stage.  The range and depth of experience of these attorneys allows us to provide the client a comprehensive analysis of any litigation issue that may arise.  Also, the appellate practice within the Firm provides us with up to the minute updates and analysis of any new case law impacting the area of medical malpractice.

We are also extremely sensitive to the impact settlements and verdicts have on the financial infrastructure of healthcare providers.  Accordingly, Kitch is devoted to aggressively defending all claims to provide the best result for our clients.  Oftentimes this results in an amicable resolution of the claim before trial, but we also have the trial experience to take any case to trial if reaching a settlement is not in the best interests of our client.

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