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Legal Malpractice


Although the history of legal malpractice is as old as American jurisprudence, the elevation of the problem to a position of significant concern is a relatively recent occurrence.

As late as the 1990s, there was a general feeling in the legal profession that, although malpractice did occur, the frequency and severity of claims were insufficient to warrant anything more than minor attention.  This attitude was reinforced by the perception that attorneys were reluctant to sue other attorneys.

However, a number of factors--the continuous increase in the number of practicing attorneys, society's persistent infatuation with litigation, and the onset of lawyers' willingness to sue their colleagues--have led to an increase in the incidence of claims against practicing attorneys.

Drawing from its vast experience in many areas of law, the Kitch firm is uniquely qualified to defend virtually all attorney defendants, irrespective of their area of specialty.  The Kitch firm not only utilizes its vast expertise in tort law to handle the negligence claim against the individual attorney, but utilizes its diverse expertise in many areas of law to address the legal issues inherent in defending the "case within the case."

We represent attorneys throughout Michigan--in all state and federal court systems.  Our clients have included sole practitioners, medium- and large-sized law firms, and firms with a national presence.  Our attorneys are qualified to defend against all claims of legal malpractice involving many practices of law, including but not limited to construction, corporate, criminal, labor and employment, environmental, healthcare, landlord-tenant, mass tort, motor vehicle, premises liability, real estate, securities, tax and estate planning, and workers' compensation.