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Kitch Immigration Attorney Laurie Tannous Involved With Brexit Challenges

August, 2017

Laurie Tannous

Attorney Laurie Tannous traveled to Ireland in May as a consultant to help officials come up with models for a successful border crossing in Northern Ireland. Ms. Tannous has experience and expertise on border issues as she is also a special advisor to the Cross Border Institute at the University of Windsor. As a consultant, Ms. Tannous shared her experience in North American models of immigration, trade, and travel with officials in the region so they might adopt similar policies.

Ms. Laurie Tannous is our Senior Canadian Immigration Attorney of the Immigration Law Practice Group. Since 2004, she has practiced Business Immigration Law and she has held key appointments at some of the most reputable and respected agencies and organizations in Canada. Ms. Tannous has significant hands on experience assisting small, medium and large multinational corporations, foreign governments and industry associations with their business immigration, border security, trade, customs and regulatory compliance matters.