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Landlord/Tenant law involves the negotiation, drafting, execution and enforcement of commercial, industrial and residential leases, lease amendments, subleases, rules and regulations, personal guarantees, options and rights of first refusal.   Kitch firm attorneys focus on real estate litigation with expertise in all aspects of landlord/tenant law.  Kitch attorneys appear regularly in court and diligently handle all landlord/tenant matters.

Whether the client is a single property owner or a publicly-traded real estate investment trust, the firm always conducts an individual risk tolerance and costs/benefit analysis with each client before recommending a future course of action to ensure that the client's budget and goals are "on the same page."

The firm's significant presence and practical experience assisting clients throughout Metropolitan Detroit is invaluable.  The firm has developed solid and reliable connections with virtually every process server working in the area.  We are also familiar with many of the clerks that act as "gatekeepers" in each landlord/tenant lawsuit.

Firm clients include residential property owners and managers, manufactured housing communities, condominium developments, commercial property owners and managers, industrial property owners and managers, corporations that rent real estate, third party residential, commercial and industrial property management companies (local, national, international and publicly traded) and some larger tenants.

Our practice areas include all aspects of the lease negotiation and the lease drafting process, the eviction process and collections, including:

Contracts:  Leases, Lease Amendments, Personal and Corporate Guarantees, Rules and Regulations, Options, Rights of First Refusal and Subleases
Consulting:  Analyze current lease/sublease/lease amendment and perform cost/benefit analysis for client to advise on the future course of action most likely to accomplish the client's goals within the client's budget
Evictions:   Residential, Commercial and Industrial Evictions in both District Court (less than $25,000) and Circuit Court (more than $25,000)
Collections:   Garnishments, Liens on Real Property, Request for Search and Seizure of Personal Property, Creditor's examinations.



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