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Land Use

With strong relationships with supporting professionals, including architects, engineers, contractors, sub-contractors, environmental consultants, and valuation and appraisal experts, the Kitch firm attorneys can effectively handle a full array of land issues.

We have earned a reputation as effective and efficient by successfully representing our clients before local boards and trial and appellate courts. Our aggressive but reasonable reputation contributes to favorable results, as well as prompt and positive negotiated settlements for our clients.

Before recommending a course of action to a client, we carefully assess each case to determine the potential costs and benefits of litigation as well as an analysis of proceeding with alternative dispute resolution.  We always base our recommendations on sound business principals while considering the net benefit to our client.

We assist developers in the acquisition and financing of real estate projects. We also provide guidance to both developers and municipalities regarding whether a proposed use is consistent with the current land use plan. We provide representation and guidance to large and small landowners in obtaining necessary land use relief and approvals from the appropriate municipal or other regulatory bodies.

We have significant experience working with municipalities, property owners and developers on matters involving land use and zoning. We also represent property owners, developers, community organizations, and neighborhood associations before local boards, planning commissions, and zoning boards of appeal.  

We assist clients in a wide range of matters, including:

  • Land use due diligence and other predevelopment questions
  • Subdivisions, partitions, property line adjustments and legal lot issues
  • Site plan review, development review and design review
  • Conditional uses, variances and nonconforming uses
  • Zoning modification and master plan amendment
  • Street vacations  
  • Development of farm and forest land, and other rural land issues
  • Maintenance code issues
  • Signs and free speech issues
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