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It should be no surprise that a law firm steeped in the knowledge of liability, regulation, and complex litigation would be a leader in the practice of insurance law.  This knowledge base, together with substantial trial experience, is why the Kitch firm's attorneys are able to communicate difficult subjects in a way that the jurors can understand.

From its inception over 35 years ago, the Kitch firm has been addressing difficult insurance issues like coverage and bad faith.  Since that time, its expertise and practice has also expanded to include insurance agent liability, regulation of insurers and insurance agents, and the development of alternative risk financing to meet its client's special liability needs.  We also assist clients who are not insurers--evaluating insurance and risk management issues in other business contexts, such as due diligence pertaining to acquisitions.

From the beginning of an insurance issue or dispute through the conclusion of litigation,  if necessary, the Kitch firm offers its clients not only a superior understanding of the issues, but a supportive, education-oriented representation that allows clients to make better decisions about how their issues should be resolved.

Moreover, because insurance is such a highly-regulated business, it can be problematic to work through the resolution of licensing and reporting issues.  Using its knowledge of insurance and the industry, and its experience with regulators, the Kitch firm can help clients who form a licensed insurer, agency or health maintenance organization through the licensing process and address relationship difficulties with regulators.

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