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Global and cross-border employment is a daily reality for internationally active companies; the increase in frequent business travel has presented significant challenges for multi-national companies. Business travelers all too often trigger liability and potential negative exposure by failing to heed immigration laws and regulations.

The seasoned U.S. and Canadian Immigration Team at Kitch offer a comprehensive range of strategic global immigration and advisory services to facilitate the movement of people across borders.

We strategically and effectively coordinate and facilitate global temporary and permanent immigration for executives, workers, investors, entrepreneurs and their accompanying family members.

We also provide advisory services when a company is undergoing due diligence and risk assessments during Mergers and Acquisitions for immigration purposes when foreign personnel is employed.

Kitch’s U.S. Nonimmigrant Port of Entry and Consular Visa Processing Services Include:

·         E-1 & E-2 (Treaty Traders /Treaty Investors)

·         H-1B & H-2B (Specialty Occupation Professionals/ Essential Skill Workers)

·         L-1 (Intra-company Transferees)

·         P-1 (Athletes and Entertainers)

·         R-1 (Religious Workers)

·         TN (NAFTA Professionals)

Kitch’s Key Canadian Immigration Services include:

·         Prepare work permit applications under the International Mobility Programs, including Intra-Company Transferee (“ICT”), the 
          North American Free Trade Agreement (“NAFTA”);

·         Draft and Review employment contracts for temporary foreign workers;

·         Assist in enforcement-related matters dealing with various inadmissibility issues.

We can assist in the planning and implementation of temporary and permanent global transfers for clients with employment and family-based, consular and nationality services. The Kitch Immigration Practice Group will help clients by decreasing delays faced at the border, mitigating non-compliance, reducing overall costs and stabilizing your organizations global workforce.

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