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Government Administration


The Kitch firm has extensive administrative and regulatory law experience at the federal, state and local levels, and has worked on behalf of both municipal and private sector clients.  In addition to several senior attorneys in the firm with substantial experience in this area, the firm maintains a Lansing office presence--which helps the firm to remain current and keep a close watch on the ever-shifting sands of this politically-sensitive area of practice.

The firm has substantial experience in a number of government administrative and regulatory issues.  It has been involved in telecommunications, healthcare licensing and non-profit corporate compliance, certificates of need, private sector corporate compliance, insurance compliance, civil rights, public utility rate regulation and state and local taxation.

Experience includes considerable involvement with a number of administrative and regulatory agencies, including the Michigan Offices of the Attorney General, Civil Rights Department, Department of Labor and Economic Growth, Metro Authority, Public Service Commission, Bureau of Automotive Regulation, Community Health Department, Environmental Quality Department, Natural Resources Department, Secretary of State, Office of Financial and Insurance Services (OFIS) and Treasury Department.

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