Kitch - Attorneys & Counselors
Our Commitment
Exceptional Service

We are committed to providing excellent service in every aspect of our client relationships.  There are no delusions in the firm about who is paying the bills.  Here are the basic tenets of our service:
  • When a client asks a question, we give them a clear answer within a reasonable period of time and at a reasonable cost.
  • When a client calls one of our attorneys, the attorney will either take the call immediately or return it promptly.
  • When a client needs information, we get it to the client as quickly as we can -- no delays and no excuses.

The Highest Quality

The cornerstone of the firm is our commitment to quality and our clients' needs.  We expect every member and employee of the firm to strive for the highest possible level of quality in all of the services we provide to our clients, from the simplest task to the most sophisticated strategy.

Every attorney in the firm understands that commitment to quality must be continuous and unwavering, from the prompt return of client calls to management of the most complex trial or transaction. Quality requires meeting client needs efficiently and in a way that maximizes results.  It also necessitates making hard work, creativity and timely action part of our belief system.  In this respect, we believe in exhaustive homework and extensive legwork.  We believe in carefully mapping our strategy in discussions with the client.  We believe that every document we write and every exhibit we prepare should be thoroughly reviewed before it becomes a part of the record in a case.  We believe that every opinion we generate should be based on a complete understanding of the relevant statutes, regulations and case law.  We believe that every document we prepare for our clients or for a court should be clear and meaningful, or it should not go out the door.

In short, while quality in the practice of law may be difficult to measure, we believe that there is no secret to sustaining consistent quality.  It requires diligence, care and the desire to work as hard as needed to create results in which we can take justifiable pride.