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Estate Planning & Probate


To ensure a successful estate planning effort, it is critical that the parties affected recognize that the decisions they make or fail to make involve significant financial and personal implications.  That's why the Kitch firm bases its approach on the appropriate mix of planning knowledge and individual consideration.  Our attorneys have assisted with estate planning for entrepreneurs, physicians, and others, giving careful attention to accomplishing the clients' dispositive intentions, avoiding estate and gift taxes (or deferring them for as long as possible), avoiding probate, and protecting assets from potential creditor claims.

Our approach is based on our belief that the client shouldn't have to adapt to fit the needs of preformatted documents; we start from our own comprehensive document models, but then make sure that they are adapted to meet the individual's needs, not the lawyer's convenience.

Services include:

  • Encouraging and assist clients in charitable giving, and performing due diligence upon charities
  • Assisting in business succession planning, providing agreements for redemptions or cross-purchase of business interests.  We also coordinate such agreements with clients' estate plans.
  • Addressing the needs and vulnerabilities of cognitively-impaired clients.  We seek appointment of a conservator or guardian for clients when less-restrictive measures such as power of attorney and trust will not adequately protect them.
  • Estate administration, including preparation of estate tax returns.
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