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Electronic Discovery


Today nearly all communication and business is conducted using some form of electronic communication. Organizations of all sizes generate an enormous amount of digital information and experts predict that electronic data shared in one particular year can exceed 2.8 zettabytes (2.8 trillion gigabytes). Although technology has dramatically reshaped the average workplace for the better, it has also created new challenges – especially for attorneys and, more specifically, litigators.

Electronic Discovery, also known as eDiscovery, is a critical process that occurs early in civil litigation matters and involves the exchange of information between parties. The complications that can occur when dealing with large amounts of data has been acknowledged by federal and state courts provoking the recent amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedural to deal with the complexities surrounding Electronic Discovery. The process of Electronic Discovery is relevant to all matters, including but not limited to, commercial litigation, employment law, medical malpractice, mass torts, insurance defense, real estate and all aspects of health care law.

The firm works with clients in strategically developing their data retention practices in conforming to the applicable law and also proactively preparing clients for the possibility of litigation. Such practices help clients reduce litigation cost, maintain regular work environment during litigation, and essentially avoid the possibility of sanctions resulting from destruction of vital evidence.

The firm has made a commitment to staying current with constantly evolving technology, which further promotes our ability to reduce client costs through all phases of litigation. This includes all aspects of information governance including preparedness for implementing a proper legal hold, preparing for initial conference; identification of relevant data; defensible preservation practices; and processing and presenting the data.

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