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Dental Malpractice


Successful defense of dental malpractice claims demands a specific knowledge of oral anatomy and conditions and the special understanding of the "how" and "why" of dental practices.  Combining this knowledge with an understanding of medicine and the complexities of defending a medical malpractice case, the Kitch firm has a highly-regarded capability for handling the intricacies of dental claims.

The firm's trial-seasoned attorneys utilize a multitude of resources to maximize the chance of obtaining a successful outcome, including the firm's longstanding professional relationships with highly-respected dental specialists and generalists, an extensive research bank on plaintiff expert witnesses, and a vast medical library. Everyone in the firm also strives to minimize litigation costs, with a goal to assist healthcare provider clients and their insurers in cost-containment efforts. 

The Kitch firm offers: 

  • Decades of experience in defending dental malpractice cases
  • Risk management assistance and support
  • Sentinel event analysis and counseling
  • Arbitration and ADR services
  • Excellent communication with leading dental experts
  • An inventory of trial exhibits and aids for dental cases
  • The support of other practice areas to resolve unique issues for dental care providers that do not fall squarely within the practice of a malpractice defense.
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