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Criminal Law

The reaches of criminal prosecution are becoming increasingly broad.  In the past decade, we have seen what used to be considered mistakes that should be redressed for damages in the civil courts become serious offenses that put personal liberty at stake in the criminal courts.  Our healthcare clients are now facing what is called the criminalization of the payment system with career-threatening consequences.  Whether these exaggerated prosecutions are due to innocent overzealousness or a desire for political or public recognition, the effect on our clients is serious.

At the Kitch firm, one of the guiding fundamentals is a great respect for the law.  However, it is because of that respect for the law that we hold a prosecutor to his or her obligation to bring charges fairly and then to prove the charges beyond a reasonable doubt.  Whenever feasible, we work intensely to show the prosecutor and the judge that charges are unwarranted or that there is a better alternative than pursuing criminal charges.  However, if trial is our client's best alternative, we are always ready to defend the charges in court--using our depth of courtroom experience and skill in communicating to juries to bring about the best result.  

The types of criminal allegations we defend include:

  • So-called white collar crime, such as healthcare billing fraud and misuse of funds
  • Tax evasion
  • Inappropriate contact with patients by a health professional
  • Domestic violence
  • Substance abuse-related matters, including driving while intoxicated and drug use
  • Traffic infractions/accidents
  • Juvenile offenses.

We also provide assistance in matters related to criminal charges like criminal record expungements and property forfeitures.