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The Kitch firm provides a full range of condominium law services to commercial and individual clients.  The firm represents developers, associations and individuals in this area, including the following:

Amendments to Association Documents
Declaration of Condominium bylaws, articles and rules and regulations

Civil Litigation
Represent associations in matters regarding unit owner disputes, contractor disputes
Pet issues
Material alteration issues
Unauthorized alterations
Parking matters
Nuisance violations
Disputes with the association manager
Rejection and approval of owners and tenants

Construction Projects
Represent association in disputes against contractors/subcontractors for defective repairs, delay claims, contract disputes, other failure to properly  perform work and other breaches of contracts
Reviewing and drafting construction contracts and proposing modifications

Contract Review
Review of all association contracts with the management company, employees,  contractors, security companies, laundry companies, cable companies, developers, landscaping companies and any others

Developer/Turnover Issues
Ensure a smooth transition from developer to unit owner control
Review and cancellation of developer contracts
Review of association finances and independent audit
Coordination with structural engineer
Litigation against developers
Litigation to compel turnover

Assistance with the administering the association's election, including preparation of statutory notices, agenda, ballots, proxies, and other required documents
Attend annual meeting and assist with election process

Lien Filing/Foreclosures
Preparation of demand letters, liens, and the filing of foreclosure actions in court when necessary
Rule enforcement

Arbitration actions and/or court cases against unit owner's and/or tenants who violate the associations governing documents in areas such as:
Noise restrictions
Age restrictions
Occupancy restrictions
Illegal modifications
Parking disputes


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