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Commercial Issues


Establishing and operating a business involves ever-present financial, operational and legal issues.  At the Kitch firm, we make it our goal to help our clients promptly resolve the legal issues--whether corporate, regulatory, or contractual--in a prompt and cost-efficient manner.

Since legal concerns often stem from financial and operational matters, we work to help the client resolve those too--while recognizing our role as lawyers and avoiding any interference with the client's management of those operational and financial matters.  Depending upon the situation, our advice will range from the technical to the practical, always keeping both in mind.

Whether the business is a new one requiring information and services on selection and implementation of the best type of legal entity, an existing business that needs reorganization and structural improvement, or an organization seeking to acquire or be acquired by another business, we can provide truly value-added services.  In addition, when dealing with business concerns, we can provide assistance on all types of contracts and business arrangements.