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Few things are more important professionally to an aspiring lawyer than gaining practical knowledge of how law is, and should really be, practiced.  At the Kitch firm, we strive to provide law graduates and students who work with the firm opportunities for real research, writing, and even client contact, not make-work assignments.  We do not hide law grads and students or their work from clients, like many firms do. 

We also expect our senior attorneys to provide guidance and practical information to the aspiring attorney, which allows him or her to understand what various areas of our practice involve and what it will take to be successful as an attorney.  While clerkship does not guarantee an offer as an associate in the firm, many of our attorneys were in fact recruited from firm clerkships.

Donald B. Lenderman
"I left a firm in Chicago and joined the Kitch firm as a lateral about a decade ago.  I was really amazed at how willing the Kitch attorneys were to introduce me to existing clients and involve me in important litigation from my first day on the job.

Even new associates at the firm don’t have to worry about spending the first five years in front of the copy machine or poring over Lexis research.  The firm’s team approach--along with its belief that new attorneys need exposure to clients and significant work to grow professionally and be truly productive--means new hires are given an opportunity to practice as real lawyers, not just highly educated law clerks, very quickly.  The Kitch firm is a great place for attorneys to build a career."
Angela Harris
Manager of Human Resources/Legal Support
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