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Stephen Brzezinski to be Guest Speaker at a Specialty Conference in Kauai, HI

April, 2018

Stephen Brzezinski will be a guest speaker at a Specialty Conference in April of 2018 in Kauai, HI regarding “Differential and Timely Diagnosis in Hospitals, Clinics and Private Practices and the Rules and the Law.”  Attendees will include risk management personnel, physicians, nurses, educators and administrators from the Islands of Hawaii. The presentation will discuss the role of policies and procedures in patient care, effective and timely charting, communicating with patients and analyzing treatment options in order to advance patient care and understanding of risks, benefit and alternative treatment options.

Mr. Brzezinski has a national based practice representing hospitals throughout the United States. He  is also a very significant contributor to patent engagement, increasing hospital awareness, and furthering education to clinicians to improve, inform and promote the quality of care to patients in the United States. Mr. Brzezinski is a graduate from the University of Michigan and has licenses to practice law in Michigan and Hawaii, as well as is pro hac vice counsel in many other States in the Country. He has been practicing law since 1988 and devoted his time and effort almost exclusively to medical malpractice litigation with an emphasis on catastrophic damage cases and birth injury litigation. He also actively participates in investigating and researching how and by what means lawyers, hospitals, care providers and family members of patients can obtain the resources that are reasonably necessary to take care of the current and future needs of people with significant and permanent disabilities.