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Stephen Brzezinski Presented at 17th Annual Advanced Forum on Obstetrical Malpractice in Philadelphia

June, 2018

Stephen Brzezinski presented at the 17th Annual Advanced Forum on Obstetrical Malpractice from June 25th-June 26th, 2018 at the Union League of Philadelphia. Leading counsel, claims specialists, risk managers and medical experts provided updates and insights on issues of genetic testing, hypothermia, Pitocin complications, and the potential impact of the ACA repeal on assessing future damages. Mr. Brzezinski presented and participated in a panel discussion regarding "Preventing Category II Fetal Heart Monitoring Strip Liability: Safeguarding Against Incorrect Reading and Responses." Joined by Mr. Brzezinski was two additional highly experienced birth injury lawyers: Jack Gresh, Hall Booth Smith, P.C. and Carol Nelson Shepherd, shareholder at Feldman, Shepherd, Wohgelernter, Tanner, Weinstock & Dodig, LLP.
Mr. Brzezinski has a national based practice representing hospitals throughout the United States. He has been involved in birth trauma and catastrophic damage litigation for almost 30 years. He is also on faculty on many national perinatology panels throughout the United States and has presented at national perinatal symposiums, AWHONN, and obstetrical conferences on issues relating to both medical care as well as litigation on over 50 occasions. He is also a very significant contributor to patent engagement, increasing hospital awareness, and furthering education on behalf  clinicians across the Country in hopes to improve, inform and promote the quality of care to patients in the United States by reviewing, revising and recommending changes to policies/procedures to make sure they are in conformity with the most up to date evidenced based medicine. Mr. Brzezinski is a graduate from the University of Michigan and has licenses to practice law in Michigan and Hawaii, as well as is pro hac vice counsel in many other States in the Country. He has been practicing law since 1988 and besides practicing law he also actively participates in investigating and researching how and by what means lawyers, hospitals, care providers and family members of patients can obtain the resources that are reasonably necessary to take care of the current and future needs of people with significant and permanent disabilities.  He will also be presenting in additional conferences this year in Las Vegas, Nevada and Austin, Texas with future announcements forthcoming.