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With the massive financial and emotional implications that result from medical malpractice cases arising out of the birthing process, it takes specialized knowledge to defend these cases.  The Kitch firm has established a multi-specialty practice to deal exclusively with such matters.  This practice has led to the firm being recognized as one of the nation's leaders in birth trauma defense.

The firm's resources include:

  1. Over 20 attorneys, with strong clinical knowledge, devoted specifically to birth trauma
  2. Specialized personnel including nurses and paralegals with backgrounds in obstetrics, neonatology, perinatology and all related areas
  3. An extensive library of medical resources, dating back to 1986
  4. Nationally recognized experts to assist the Kitch firm with preparing their defense
  5. An extensive library of plaintiffs' experts' prior testimony to help effectively impeach subsequent testimony.

The Kitch firm has handled hundreds of such cases throughout the country, including litigating over 50 cases to verdict.  In addition to directly defending these cases, the firm has been selected by several national insurance companies to serve as coordinating counsel.  In this capacity, the firm provides its services to local defense counsel throughout the country. 

The services provided include:

  • Extensive initial analysis letter summarizing the medicine and developing a strategy for defense
  • Experts for review
  • Assist in cross-examination of plaintiff's experts
  • Trial exhibits
  • Medical literature
  • Legal template motions.

The Kitch firm offers a nationally-renowned, full-service team with the specialization necessary to adequately defend these significant cases.

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