Kitch - Attorneys & Counselors


When a bank or mortgage company needs legal assistance with a specific issue or its day-to-day operations, the Kitch firm has several experienced lawyers ready to assist them.  These clients also benefit from additional firm resources, including access to our employment, regulatory and tax departments.

We work with each client--whether it's a small private bank or a publicly-traded financial institution--to realistically assess its goals and budget before establishing a course of action.  We have handled virtually every type of litigation issue regularly encountered by a bank or mortgage company and have consistently provided creative solutions, in and outside of court, to resolve many challenging situations. 

Our clients include several banks (both private and publicly traded) and several mortgage companies.  Our practice areas include virtually every aspect of banking and mortgage company litigation:

Collection of Delinquent Loans.  Negotiate and litigate loans with delinquent mortgagors (both individual and corporate)
UCC issues.  Check tender issues and general UCC enforcement issues
Fraud.  Pursue and defend fraud claims arising out of misrepresentations on appraisals, loan applications or closing documents
Foreclosure sales.  Handle all aspects of foreclosure/sheriff sales for residential property, commercial property and manufactured homes
Mortgage priority issues.  Represent banks in disputes with other banks relating to their respective priority on a parcel of real property
Contract matters.  Assist in drafting and revision of bank loan documents.