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Alternative Dispute Resolution


Litigation is not the only option available for parties to resolve their disputes.  More frequently, parties are opting to retain a greater degree of control over the decision-making process, achieving outcomes that would not be possible through traditional litigation and reaching more cost-effective solutions.
As litigators, many of our attorneys understand the process--including the vagaries of the jury system--from an advocate's perspective.  As a result, we are well-informed when it comes to the positive and negative aspects of various forms of alternative dispute resolution--arbitration, case evaluation, mediation, summary jury trials, and more industry-specific forms such as construction neutrals and dispute review boards.  We have utilized these methods and can assist in evaluating the appropriate method for a given dispute.

Several members of the Kitch firm have been appointed to sit as arbitrators or case evaluators in those instances where the parties have not been able to continue discussions.  Additionally, we have attorneys who are trained in facilitative mediation and who have received certification from the Institute of Continuing Legal Education.  These attorneys are prepared to assist the parties in reaching a mutually-agreeable negotiated resolution to the dispute.